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Case Studies

A Polish logistics operator operating on the market for 27 years, employing nearly 2,000 people in 13 branches throughout Poland.

Task range:

Building the employer's image, supporting recruitment processes.

Client's Situation:

Continuous recruitment for blue collar positions, building employee motivation and commitment (headquarters + branches).


Preparation of multimedia tools supporting recruitment processes in the company, designing and implementing a solution supporting the HR department in maintaining the motivation and commitment of the team.



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Excercise 1

Creating multimedia tools supporting recruitment processes.

Concept development and implementation of recruitment videos for blue collar positions:

  • warehouseman

  • forwarder

Concept development and implementation of an image film supporting recruitment for white collar positions

Exercise 2

Designing and implementing a tool supporting the HR department
in staying motivated
and team commitment.

  • Development of the concept and implementation of the company newspaper SPX News (quarterly), telling about the life of the company, employees, interesting projects, events, etc.

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Exercise 3

Creating content for HR activities dedicated to employees

Preparation of the concept and video material on the participation of employees in the #gaszynchallenge social campaign. The project was implemented during the restrictions related to the Covid 19 pandemic.