Tool sharpener

The job of a tool sharpener, seemingly perfect for men, is just as good for women. About his beginnings of work as a "sharpener"
Mrs. Marlena tells in one of the furniture factories in Łódź.


The job of a tool sharpener, seemingly perfect for men, is just as good for women. All people who like to repair, are not afraid of manual work, want to learn and develop will do their job. The workplace offered by companies producing furniture or other wooden products will find those who skillfully combine the skills of a service technician, conservator, and sharpener. Ms Marlena tells about her beginnings as a "sharpener" in one of the furniture factories in Łódź.

Not everyone likes to repair or service equipment. It has even been assumed that it is better to throw it away than repair it. Where did you get the idea of ​​professional "repairing"?

M: I repair, because I believe that unnecessary costs have to be eliminated - repair, replacement of components is much cheaper, it also allows you to eliminate the waste of time associated with waiting for a new element. By successfully repairing a tool, we give it a second life.

Why did you decide to apply for a job offer in the service department?

M: Because I like my job. It gives me satisfaction when I successfully repair something, I find myself in manual work related to mechanics, plumbing or electrics.

Is sharpening tools a difficult job? Where is the catch?

M: Sharpening is not a difficult job, properly conducted training brings results. Where is the catch? It is important to be focused, to think about what you are doing as tools are very sharp and therefore dangerous. What is important here is willingness, openness to improving qualifications, curiosity, inquisitiveness, and asking questions.

What was the most difficult recruitment for you? Was she stressful?

M: The recruitment was pleasant, I fondly remember the conversation with my future manager.

First days in the position? Challenges, learning, implementation?

M: The first days are all about observation, asking questions that are always answered. I was never alone, without explaining or answering a question. The following days are the time for supervised work and getting into the sharpening process. Training makes perfect, so training is very important here. After some time, a person becomes confident and performs his duties alone.

What is working in the tool service department?

M: Work is about receiving and issuing tools, sharpening, service including maintenance and repairs.

If you were to name three things that you like most about this job?

M: Atmosphere, professional development, nice and competent supervisor.

If you were to encourage a colleague to work in such a position ... what would you say?

M: Interesting job, which enables development and gives satisfaction speaks for taking up a job. The atmosphere, a well-coordinated team and a competent supervisor are also important. It is also important that it is a job in a stable company.



Tool sharpener

For our client, a global leader in the furniture and wood industry
from Konstantynów Łódzki, employing over 400 employees, we are looking for candidates for the position of "tool sharpener".