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Case Studies

A producer of foil and packaging for many industries. The company employs about 50 people,
most of them are production workers. The recipients of the products are international concerns, companies operating on a national scale, as well as local producers.

Task range:

Recruitment, building the employer's image, developing competences and building team commitment.

Client's Situation:

Difficulties in acquiring production employees, low level of involvement of the current team, high rotation, employees do not identify with the company.


Our goal was to build the image of Grala as an attractive employer through activities aimed at current employees and designing attractive external communication aimed at candidates.



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Level 1

Conducting an analysis of the company's potential along with the preparation of a report and recommendations for actions.

As part of the report:

  • employee survey

  • interviews with management

  • interviews with selected employees

  • participant observation

Conclusions from the conducted research together with recommendations for corrective actions developed in the form of a report.

Stage 2

Implementation of the recommendation.

Employee recruitment

  • production manager

  • warehouse leader

  • production leader

Competency development and team commitment building

  • motivational workshops "Gra - who we are, where are we going"

  • training "Telephone and e-mail customer service"

  • integration picnic with workshop elements on first aid, communication and teamwork

  • Gra's campaign as part of the Clean Up the World campaign

Creating tools for external communication with candidates

  • concept development and implementation of recruitment films for positions:

  • operator of a film production line

  • operator of a foil packaging production line

  • recruitment campaign "Grail ...... and everything is fine!" (local media)

  • content modification and a new visual concept of the website

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